Our office provides a broad range of patent  services involving U.S. and foreign patent application drafting, filing  and prosecution. Mr. Shahani has a broad technical background with a  specialization in biotechnology and biochemical manufacturing. He has  experience with medical devices, chemicals, electronic devices and  circuits, computer architecture, software and hardware, mechanical  inventions, lighting, physics and optics inventions. 


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 We performs patentability and  infringement searches and studies, utilizing current CD-ROM and on-line  database information. He utilizes the services of other technical and  legal professionals, including local graphics experts and foreign filing  associates. 


 Our office have represented and advised  clients in a broad range of internet-related issues. Clients have  included plaintiffs and defendants both in domain name disputes,  trademark infringement on the internet matters, web site development and  maintenance contracts and related agreements. 


We provide other specialized legal  services, including licensing, small business consulting, contract  dispute resolution, insurance claims and various corporate work. He is  also engaged in of copyright and trademark matters, including litigation  in trade secret and inventor/employee issues, and software development.  Approximately one third of Mr. Shahani's practice is devoted to civil  litigation.